Bikesboro Consulting & Planning

We believe that cities should be as pleasant to bicycle and walk in as they are to drive in.  While we engage in local advocacy, we also work actively to transform car-friendly cities like Greensboro into cities that connect all residents to all services, using all modes equally.


Bikesboro does long-term planning, specializing in first-mile/last-mile micro-mobility infrastructure design and planning. We work with communities to identify and prioritize infrastructure for systems of local bicycling, walking, and transit networks, such as protected bike and walk crossings on busy streets. We also identify and map existing bike and walking routes that are used by residents and where improvements are most needed, using GIS, working with stakeholders, and talking with users.


We are working with our partners to map existing bicycle and walking routes throughout Greensboro. Often these are inadequate routes that local cyclists and walkers actually use because they have no better options.  We are also mapping what improvements the community would like to see in the future as opportunities arise.

Bikesboro is currently working with several partners to transform a 2-mile segment of West Gate City Boulevard from an ugly 5-lane highway into a bicycle, walking, and transit-friendly community main street, with a mix of amenities, land uses, and affordable and market-rate housing and businesses.

Bikesboro is open to additional partnerships and projects.

Gate City

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