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Bikesboro works to make Greensboro NC a safer place to bicycle for everyone 8 to 80. Our economic prosperity and security is dependent on creating a vibrant progressive community that is as easy to get around without a car as it is with one. We help build a bicycle-oriented community by providing support for each other and camaraderie for activities related to bicycles as transportation. We are happy to partner with other volunteers and organizations. Currently we work with over 25 groups in our community.

Bikesboro is a community group that does advocacy, consulting, city planning, facility mapping, and is a social service provider of workforce bicycles for immigrants and refugees in Greensboro.

Bikesboro Programs includes our emerging Bicycle Cooperative, support therapy sessions for community activists, and annual reports highlighting our collective achievements.

Bikesboro Advocacy focuses on local bicycle infrastructure improvements, primarily for bicycles-as-transportation users. We also publish a list of upcoming bicycle advocacy opportunities.

Bikesboro Consulting & Planning Bikesboro does long-term planning, specializing in first-mile/last-mile micro-mobility infrastructure design and planning. We work with communities to identify and prioritize infrastructure for systems of local bicycling, walking, and transit networks, such as protected bike and walk crossings on busy streets. We also identify and map existing bike and walk routes used by residents and where improvements are most needed, using GIS, working with stakeholders, and talking with users. Currently we are working with several partner groups towards improvements on West Gate City Boulevard in Greensboro.

The Bikesboro Bicycle Coop provides a community service of removing unwanted surplus bicycles in Greensboro. We work with public agencies, nonprofits, bike shops, and individuals to locate, move, and sort the bicycles. We then repair the fixable bikes for reuse and recycle the rest as either scrap or art. We also work with charities and social service providers to find and supply clients who need used bicycles. We primarily focus on helping immigrants, refugees, and poorer residents in Greensboro. If you have bikes to donate we will gladly accept them to be given to clients through our partners.

Bikesboro gladly accepts donations for all our endeavors and is willing to consider contracts with other agencies and partners.

Our Advocacy Partners

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