Greensboro Bicycle Collective

The Greensboro Bicycle Collective was founded upon 4 main principles:

  • Good works and charity should serve a greater community purpose.

  • We achieve more by working cooperatively in equal partnerships.

  • We all work within our specialized skills while learning from each other of newer technologies and additional techniques.

  • We work within a spirit of experimentation, constant testing of technologies, and innovation.

The Greensboro Bicycle Collective is located at 1500-112 Barber Park Drive in Greensboro and aims to provide free used bicycles to community members who need bicycles to get to work and to school, especially those who cannot afford a bicycle. We also work with our charity and social service provider partners to provide a community service of removing, repairing, or recycling unwanted used bicycles, rather than sending them to the landfill.


The Greensboro Bicycle Collective does not directly give bicycles to individuals, but rather we work in partnership with other organizations to find, collect, repair, and distribute bicycles to qualified community members.  We receive donated bicycles from institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), the Greensboro Police Department, Guilford College, area bicycle shops, and from individuals who do not need a tax-deductible receipt.  After receiving, sorting, and fixing the bicycles, we then work with our community partners, including social service providers, to deliver used bicycles to various needy clients, including new Greensboro residents, immigrants, refugees, migrants, and poorer youth in Greensboro.

Since 2017 we have collected over 2,000 used bicycles. In a typical year we collect 400 to 600 donated bicycles, give away over 200 repaired bicycles to the needy in our community through our partners, with the rest being donated to other groups, recycled as scrap, or used for art by local artists.

  • Church World Service

  • WellCare HMO

  • Action Greensboro

  • TransformGSO

  • Recycles Bicycles

  • Bikewalla bike shop
  • Bikesboro

The Greensboro Bicycle Collective currently partners with:

  • Greensboro Parks & Recreation Dept

  • Every Campus A Refuge of Guilford College
  • National Cycling Center of Winston-Salem
  • Piedmont Fat Tire Society
  • Greensboro Dept. of Transportation

  • Greensboro Police Department
  • Cycles de Oro bike shop

  • Bicycling In Greensboro

  • REI-Greensboro bike shop
  • Transit Alliance of the Piedmont

We always welcome additional partnerships!

2022 04 07 Barber Park bike move building.jpg

Greensboro Bicycle Collective staff & suppliers

Sheldon Herman of the Bikewalla Bike Shop does most of the repairs. He's assisted by David Hampsten, Glenn Trent, Sarah Kolber, Crispin Schamp, Maurice Schwartz and Gary Upham.

Bikesboro purchases parts from several suppliers: