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West Gate City Boulevard Background Information


Street Name History

The first portion of West Gate City Boulevard was surveyed in the late 1800s as Salisbury Road from Ash Street (now Eugene) on west; the eastern portion was named Lee, after a Revolutionary War officer.  By 1891 the street was renamed Mebane and later, by 1902, as West Lee Street. In 2013 it was given its present name.

Recent City Planning

After a 2-year process, City Council adopted the Central Gateway Corridor Plan in 2008 for a section of West Gate City Boulevard that stretches from the Eugene Street west to the convention center and Four Seasons Town Center, a regional mall. An improved streetscape was built 2013-16 from the coliseum to Pine Street, near the convention center, for $13.5 million. Features include zoning changes, widened sidewalks, improved crosswalks and more signalized intersections (except at Pederson), consolidated overhead utility lines, and additional street trees. Together, the changes create a more visually attractive pedestrian environment and street; however, there are still no bicycle facilities and pedestrian deaths and injuries are still occurring at crossings.


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