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Bikesboro Administration


Bikesboro is governed by a Cabinet of Ministers, each with unique skills and interests. We relax every Thursday at Glenn's house.

Prime Minister
Boy Cat
Home Office Minister
Secretary of State for Agriculture & Ecology.
Deputy Prime Minister
Sheldon "Bikewalla" Herman
Executive Director & Chief Bicyclist.
Minister for Business Services, Communications, & Marketing.
Chief Secretary for Fleet Maintenance, Donations, & Rehabilitation.
Chancellor of the Exchequer
David Hampsten
General Manager & Chief Advocate.
TAP Chair and Minister of Administrative Affairs.
Hubs, wheels, headsets, and the numbers guy.
Minister of Good Works
Michael Amend
Finder of clients and bikes.
Transport Minister
Wayne Plummer
Chief Secretary of Logistics.
Technology Minister
Gary Upham
Chief Secretary for Bottom Brackets.
Historic Preservation Minister
Maurice Schwartz
Old racing bikes.
Leisure Minister
Crispin Schamp
Mister Fixit.
Minister of Defense
Glenn Trent
Minister of Agriculture and Sargent-at-Arms.
Secretary for Education and Leisure.
Fixer of department-store bikes.
Foreign Minister
Sefu Loyd
Lord Privy Seal.
Builder of magic bikes.
Surgeon General
Michelle Salinas (very late)
Secretary of the Treasury and Minister of Health.

Bikesboro Board Room

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