Activist Therapy


Bikesboro is governed by a Cabinet of Ministers, each with unique skills and interests. We regularly meet in a relaxed atmosphere. Please feel free to join us at the Lotus Center back yard on any given sunny weekday afternoon.

Prime Minister
Boy Cat
Home Office Minister
Secretary of State for Defense, Agriculture & Ecology.
Deputy Prime Minister
Gray Cat (Beatrice)
Lord Privy Seal and Minister for Food Security.
Secretary of State for Security, Sports & Leisure.
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Sheldon "Bikewalla" Herman
Bikesboro Executive Director.
Minister for Business Services, Communications, & Marketing.
Chief Secretary for Fleet Maintenance, Donations, & Rehabilitation.
Minister of Design
Dale Brown
Lord of Cycles D'Oro.
Transport Minister
Ron Simpson
Chief Secretary of Logistics.
Technology Minister
Gary Upham
Chief Secretary for Innovation & Skills.
Foreign Minister
David Hampsten
Bikesboro General Manager.
Chief Whip and Minister of Administrative Affairs.
Secretary of State for Planning & Information Services.
Surgeon General
Michelle Salinas
Secretary of the Treasury and Minister of Health.
Governor and General Manager of the Lotus Center.

Bikesboro Board Room

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